Friday, 8 April 2011

UFO - Original Television Soundtrack (1969)

As well as new soundtracks I'll also start moving over soundtracks I've posted on Entertainment; that way all these lovely albums will be in one place.  Also, Rapidshare have deleted the originals so I can make them available again.

You know the old chesnut; your house is on fire and you can only rescue one object, what would it be?  Well, for me it would be this little beauty.  The 2004 Trunk soundtrack release of Gerry Anderson's first live-action series, UFO.  Set far in the future, 1980.  All the cars were sleek with gull-wing doors (eat your heart out Delorean) and all the girls had purple wigs and wore silver boots.

The musical formula will be familiar to Supermarionation fans, indeed some of the cues sound like they were nicked from Captain Scarlet.  The Main Titles are obviously the highlight with some sterling work from Harry Stoneham.

Ed Bishop who starred in this actually lived in the village next to me when I was a kid and his daughter went to my school.  You used to see him driving around town in his Hillman Imp.   I said hello to him a couple of times in the Co-Op and the Post Office, but always went bright red so as I got older I just worshipped him from a distance.

There is only one scan here too as the rear of the sleeve is blank.  Still, it's the music that counts.


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  1. From Rapidshare . . .
    "The flie has been removed from our servers because it contained one or more of the following matters:
    Child pornography
    Works the download of which violates third party copyrights
    Racist or violence-glorifying works
    Instructions for criminal offenses against public order"