Thursday, 7 April 2011

Christopher Lee - Dracula (1974)

For my second post on Soundtracks I've chosen this little S2S beauty.  Side one is taken up with a spooky story narrated by Christopher Lee (or Count Dooku for our younger listeners) himself, while side two showcases music from the Hammer series of films.

Those of a certain age, like me, who grew up in UK in the 70s will have, no doubt, been scared to death by Hammer when they were younger - or was it just me?  No, it can't have been.  Who can forget those late night movies packed with vampires, werewolves and semi-naked girls? 

A word of warning though...make sure the lights are on and the doors are locked when you listen to Dracula.



  1. AH, this is such an album of it's time. Don't know if you were aware but it was also released in Quadraphonic. I've released a decoded version of it for all to enjoy as long as you have a surround system and are abale to play either DVD-A's or DTS (no Dolby Digital on this one i'm afraid)

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out.

  3. Great stuff! He'll always be Dracula (and Scaramanga) to me!! Dracula A.D. 1972 was my favourite of a really really good bunch!!

  4. I don't know when these fims with Chr.Lee were made, but I do remember seeing them with my sister on west german TV. I was 10, 11 or so, she was a bit younger.

    We were not really scared, as we knew already at the time that there were no real vampires. But it was really entertaining, and next day in school all compared notes. It was a MUST SEE, of course...

    Thank you for the music!


  5. Hey, I-FE, please forgive my neglect on offering you any thanks for this wunnerful LP.

    This afternoon, in doing some work on my external HD, tagging, etc, I'd just made the connection that I'd 'acquired' this recording from you here back in 2012 yet I NEVER THANKED YOU FOR THIS LP! Aaack!!

    So sorry. Your blog, while not so prolific in recent times, is still one of the best all-around for quality. Thank you.