Sunday, 10 April 2011

John Williams - Earthquake (1974)

Earthquake, one of my favourite scores from John Williams as he gives us more than just an orchestral main title, love theme, etc.  Some of this is pretty funky.  1974 was a good year for him as he also scored The Towering Inferno.


Miles on Wheels


  1. I blew out an amp on this album many years ago. For the Earthquake section on side 2, they recorded some very very low and loud bass noise. The track was so loud and low you could see the grooves on that section. It was a little too loud, as I blew out an amp...fortunately under warranty!!

    Sensurround was quite an experience. It was the loudest thing I've ever heard in a theatre.

  2. Yes thank you! That big bass machine in front of the theater for that movie.

  3. I always used to blow the fuse in my car stereo amp when the synth swept down in the intro to Fantasy by Aldo Nova. I have an 1812 Overture record that has very visible groove waves for the cannon shots.

    I believe the Sensurround speakers were Cerwin-Vega B48 fully folded horns loaded with an 18" driver. Our band had a pair. About the size of a small fridge. One urban legend was that a local stereo put one out in their parking lot and plugged it straight into 110VAC to produce a few seconds of very loud 60Hz.

    This kinda stuff gets me all excited. :)

  4. I like records with a bit of danger...

    All this discussion of speakers reminds me of when I accidentently destroyed two of them at film school one day. Some mug had left the levels up, I flipped the switch and KABOOM!

  5. Craig, I have visions of you being like Marty in Back To The Future!

  6. Back to the Future went through my head too! Nothing like speaker talk to get you all hot and bothered!